year end is here

2014 has not been my favorite of years. My mother-in-law passed away in the spring after a long battle with colon cancer. She was a sweetheart. I had the best conversation with her the night before she died . . . just her and me. I miss her. Since her passing, my wife and I have been caring for myfather-in-law. That could easily be a full-time job. He's not in good health and very demanding. We're all he has. We have to be there for him . . . as it should be.

My nephew [who was more like a brother when we were growing up] passed away about a month ago. I didn't see him often, but I miss him. He was a rough character until recent months. He mellowed a lot after he met his one-and-only. She kept him in line [which was a difficult task I am sure].

There have been other trying times throughout the year. Such is life. Some years are awesome, some years as time-fillers, and some years are difficult. To me the most important things in any year are God, family and friends. Good health, good job, and fun times all contribute to one's well-being also, but I think one of the things that brought joy to me the most this year was volunteering, helping others. My purpose in life is help make other people's lives better. In that respect, this has been a great year.

I wish you peace and joy and happiness and a spirit of giving in 2015.

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