Some things I've done...or not

Here's a list of questions that someone sent me. If you're interested, answer and post to your own blog.

01. Start your own blog -- Yes, several.
02. Sleep under the stars -- Yes, many times. I love to camp and backpack. I recall sleeping under the stars one time in a town park in middle Tennessee and woke up the next morning with frost in my hair and eyebrows.
03. Play in a band -- No, but I managed a Led Zeppelin cover band back in the mid-seventies.
04. Visit Hawaii -- Yes, lived there for two years.
05. Watch a meteor shower -- Yes, several times. My family and I slept out under the stars, so we wouldn't miss a Leonid shower.
06. Give more than you can afford to charity -- Yes, and never looked back.
07. Go to Disney World -- Yes, several times.
08. Climb a mountain -- Yea, many times... in the Appalachians, the Rockies, the Cumberlands and the Ozarks.
09. Hold a praying mantis -- Yes.
10. Sing a solo -- One time when I was 16.
11. Bungee jump -- No. No interest in it either.
12. Visit Paris -- Not yet.
13. Watch a lightning storm at sea -- Not yet.
14. Teach yourself an art technique -- Many times.
15. Adopt a child -- No.
16. Eat sushi -- No.
17. Walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty -- Not yet.
18. Grow your own vegetables -- Yes.
19. See the Mona Lisa in France -- No.
20. Sleep on an overnight train -- No.
21. Have a pillow fight -- Yes.
22. Hitch hike -- Yes, but not in recent years. Times have changed too much.
23. Look at the rings of Saturn through a telescope -- Yes.
24. Build a snow fort -- Yes.
25. Hold a lamb -- No.
26. Climb to the top of a lighthouse -- Yes, several times.
27. Run a Marathon -- No.
28. Ride in a gondola in Venice -- No.
29. See a total eclipse -- Yes.
30. Watch a sunrise or sunset -- Yes.
31. Hit a home run -- No.
32. Go on a cruise -- No.
33. See Niagara Falls in person -- Yes.
34. Visit the birthplace of your ancestors -- Some of them.
35. Visit an Amish community -- No, driven through several but never stopped to visit...yet.
36. Teach yourself a new language -- I tried to teach myself Cherokee. Learned some but not enough.
37. Have enough money to be truly satisfied -- No, but I'm pretty content.
38. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person -- No.
39. Go rock climbing -- I've gone rappelling, but not rockclimbing.
40. See Michelangelo's David -- No.
41. Sing karaoke in public -- Yes.
42. See Old Faithful geyser erupt in person -- No.
43. Buy a stranger a meal at a restaurant -- Yes, I used to do that every Thursday. I should start that again.
44. Visit Africa -- No.
45. Walk on a beach by moonlight -- Yes.
46. Ride in a helicopter -- No.
47. Have your portrait painted -- No.
48. Go deep sea fishing -- No.
49. See the Sistine Chapel in person -- No.
50. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris -- No.
51. Go scuba diving or snorkeling -- No.
52. Kiss in the rain -- Yes.
53. Play in the mud -- Yes!
54. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater -- Yes.
55. Be in a movie -- No, but I was in the background of one scene of Hawaii Five-O in the seventies.
56. Visit the Great Wall of China -- Not yet.
57. Start a business -- Yes.
58. Take a martial arts class -- No.
59. Visit Russia -- No.
60. Serve meals at a soup kitchen -- Yes.
61. Sell Girl Scout cookies -- Yes, both my daughters were Girl Scouts and my wife a GS leader.
62. Go whale watching -- Yes.
63. Get or send flowers for no reason -- Yes.
64. Donate blood, platelets or plasma -- No.
65. Go sky diving -- Not yet.
66. Visit a Nazi Concentration Camp -- No.
67. Adopt a pet from a rescue shelter -- Yes.
68. Pilot an airplane -- No, but I did sit in the co-pilot's seat on one small-jet flight from Memphis to Tulsa.
69. Save a favorite childhood toy -- No!
70. Visit the Lincoln Memorial -- Yes.
71. Eat Caviar -- No!
72. Make a quilt -- No.
73. Stand in Times Square -- No.
74. Tour the Everglades -- Yes.
75. Visit the Viet Nam Memorial -- Yes.
76. See the Changing of the Guard in London -- No.
77. Drive a race car -- No.
78. Ride on a speeding motorcycle -- Yes.
79. See the Grand Canyon in person -- Yes.
80. Publish a book -- Yes, sort of. I illustrated a book that was a collaboration between me and one of my high school teachers. It was published, but under his name. I am writing several books that I hope to publish some day.
81. Visit the Vatican -- No.
82. Buy a brand new car -- Yes.
83. Walk in Jerusalem -- Not yet.
84. Have your picture in the newspaper -- Yes.
85. Read the entire Bible -- Not as one continuous goal.
86. Visit the White House -- No.
87. Kill and prepare an animal for eating -- Yes.
88. Hike the Appalachian Trail -- Not all at once, but I have hiked many sections of it on many occasions.
89. Save someone's life -- No.
90. Sit on a jury -- Almost.
91. Meet someone famous -- Yes, Bono, Aerosmith and Nelson Mandela.
92. Join a book club --Yes.
93. Own an iPod -- Yes.
94. Have a Facebook page -- Yes.
95. See the Alamo in person -- Yes.
96. Swim in the Great Salt Lake -- No.
97. Cross country snow ski -- No.
98. Hold a snake -- Yes.
99. See DaVinci’s Starry Night in person -- Yes.
100. Read an entire book in one day -- Yes, I love to read. I've read several books in one day...not all of them in one day, rather several books on different one-days.

If any of you should be inspired to answer these questions, copy and paste this into the comments section of this blog or into your own and change my answers to your own and let me know...I'd love to read your answers!

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