it's time to unlearn

...and learn to see color for the very first time. Forget everything you thought you knew about color. Forget all the meanings you have attached to color. Green isn't envy. Yellow isn't cowardice. White isn't purity. Color has a mind of it's own and it's not what you always thought it was. Color communicates your personality. Without language you connect to yourself through your color choices. Your color preferences and the color combinations you make reveal how you see yourself and a bit of your personality. I took a simple 3-question test and here are my results.

[01] Which do you prefer: yellow, blue or red?
[02] Which do you prefer: green, purple or orange?
[03] Which do you prefer: black, white or brown?

I prefer yellow, green and white.

Yellow: Finding common ground is the game you play best. You calm troubled situations and bridge differences. Your awareness of others' perspectives and points of view is a very powerful tool. It enables you to express contrary, unpopular feelings without offending anyone. People feel they know where they stand with you, and are willing to let you help them. And consequently, you are happy when you are able to give of yourself. By keeping people listening, you establish a forum for solutions and possibilities unfold.

Yellow + Green: You have a realistic perspective on life that creates comfortable and secure environments for yourself and your family and friends. You carefully listen to what others say and try to see things from others' points of view. By questioning what's really needed, others become more realistic and find better ways to manage and direct their day-to-day routines.

Yellow + Green + White: You're the best at recommending how to make products, systems, services, or environments fit others' needs. The suggestions that you tactfully present actually make others feel more comfortable in their own skin. When they hear your concerns, they realize better ways to take care of themselves. Your ability to make fact-based suggestions is your greates talent. Even in the most difficult situations, you enable others to appreciate different perspectives and new approaches.

The results of this test for me proved to be spot on. If you would like to find out who you really are, take this test and send me a comment. I'll post your results.

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